Steps To Start A Photobooth Business

There are some steps to start a business

  1. Do your research 
     • How many photo booth operators are there in your area?
     • What photo booths do other operators have and what features can they offer?
     • How do others price their photo booth rental packages?
     • Where do they advertise their photo booth business?
  2. Prep before launch!
     • Create a logo
     • Set up your website – make it SEO friendly
     • Create social media accounts using your company name and complete all information where possible
     • Create business cards
     • Create fliers
     • Create promotional offers
  3. Pick up your booth
     • On the day of collection, make sure you bring someone with you if you are considering allowing someone else to help with your events
  4. Buy some extras
     • Buy some props (try your local pound store or discount shops)
     • Purchase guest books (try stationery shops such as WH Smiths or home improvement stores such as The Range)
     • Consider some aesthetic extras to improve the appearance of your booth; red carpet entrance, sanctions, bunting, balloons are common items
  5. Launch your company
     • Contact local venues and ask to be put on a suppliers list
     • Contact wedding dressers, event planners to help build your presence
     • Put your details in local directories (online and offline)
     • Put flyers in local shops (with permission)
  6. Trial Run
     • Do an event for free to trial the photo booth, make sure you are comfortable with the running of the booth
     • Take business cards with you, someone may be interested in booking at a later date
  7. Switch on your advertising and start business!
     • We recommend using Google Ad words (but only following best practices) this is paid sponsored ads that will appear at the top of google searches for your chosen search terms. Not only will this quickly generate traffic to your website, but it will also help improve your overall ranking on google (SERP)
     • Facebook advertising is a great tool to target a certain demographic. Target by location, marital status, and even interests.

Davis Sophia – Credit