3 Ways to Let your brand stand out – With A Photo Booth

Images tell stories. We are in the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat world, it’s no wonder that photo booths have seen a resurgence in recent years. But leveraging this visual trend goes beyond fueling your customer’s selfie appetites. If done right, it’s a powerful marketing tool that will increase brand awareness, engagement, your bottom line and more. Here’s how you can leverage this new technology to make your event a success and boost your ROI. 1. A Powerful Branding Opportunity Photo booths bring a brand to life. The photos taken at your event will be shared on social media and seen by people all over the globe. Each view is a potential new customer for your brand/client. But digital photo booths go beyond marketing your services. It’s a powerful way to get a brand out there by turning happy snappers into brand ambassadors by placing your logo onto the images. Not only will the attendees associate the brand with a happy memory, but as the pictures are shared on social media, you’ll gain free brand awareness. 2. Social Awareness Leads to Sales 90% of customers are more likely to buy a product if it has been recommended to them by someone they follow online. With digital content playing such an important part of the consumer buying process, getting into people’s feeds without a hard sell is paramount. A digital photo booth is one of the best ways to do this. Creating these memorable photos paves the way for a deeper connection with your target audience. In exchange for an Instaworthy image, you get an authentic spot in their newsfeeds that no amount of Facebook ads can buy. By having your business associated with someone they know, you’ve already started to create a more personal connection. A connection that you can’t get through banner ads or sponsored stories. The more people like, re-tweet and share the image from your event, the greater your chances of turning someone into a future client. Whether they already need your services or will in the future, the positive and personal connection will keep your brand in front of your competition. 3. Digital Photo Booths Increase Event Engagement Are your event attendees bored, uninspired and trying to hold back yawns? It’s every event manager’s worst nightmare, but it’s unfortunately quite common. If you want people to attend your next event and get the most out of the one they are at, you need to keep them mentally engaged. How? With a social photo booth. It’s a fun space where attendees can get creative, take a break from the information overload and even walk away with a new profile picture. But apart from the increased social media engagement and coverage; photo booths have another effect that will make your event a success. It’s an excellent networking opportunity. Event planners that want to get their attendees mingling will find that digital photo booths create a positive interaction. As guests wait for their chance to strike a pose, they can meet new people. While striking up a conversation with a stranger is usually daunting, conversations flow more smoothly when participating in a shared experience. Plus your guests will be having so much fun that they won’t even be thinking about when they can leave. Bonus: If you want to boost lead generation at your event, make it an option to include an email address before use. Or if you want to find out what makes your audience tick, get users to answer a question or two before or after they take a photo.

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